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Jeri Chase Ferris


Jeri Chase Ferris

Do you know who built the first wooden clock in America? Do you know who wrote the first American dictionary?

Do you know how a woman who was a slave in Mississippi became a
very rich woman in California?

Do you know what happened to the first Native American
woman who became a doctor?

Do you know what African American man helped to discover
the North Pole? (and what happened to him after that?)

You can find the answers to these questions, and lots more exciting facts and people and adventures in my books.


Noah2013 Golden Kite Award winner for
Best Nonfiction
from the Society of Children's Book Writers & Illustrators!!

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My current book-in-progress is not a biography - it's historical fiction set in dark, frozen, war-time Russia. It is a survival story.

Leningrad USSR, 1941. Yuri is thirteen, studying to be a professional artist. His goal in life is to become "world-famous artist Yuri Ivanovich Petrov," and he has his future mapped out. He has a scholarship to a prestigious art school, gold medals on his wall, and fame is just around the corner. But something else is just around the corner, something that will change Yuri's world forever.

Look for The Boy Who Drew HOPE, coming soon.

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These books are available at Barnes & Noble or Amazon, but better yet, buy them at your local book store. If they don't have it at the moment, ask them to order it for you and they will. This way we can keep independent books stores alive and thriving.

Remember the Ladies, What Are You Figuring Now, Jefferson

With Open Hands, Demanding Justice, Walking the Road to Freedom, Go Free or Die

Native American Doctor, What I Had Was Singing, Artic Explorer

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What Are You Figuring Now? Remember The Ladies Thomas Jefferson With Open Hands Demanding Justice Walking the Road to Freedom Go Free Or Die Native American Doctor What I Had Was Singing Arctic Explorer Noah Webster & His Words