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As you can see from that picture of me on the Home page, I'm not always totally serious. I'm also not actually a cat (sorry), the picture is me as dancer. I was a teacher for thirty years, grades 1-4, which is one of the reasons I love visiting schools and libraries (and also why I'm not totally serious). In my presentation, kids see real true history open in front of them. There's a short video at the bottom of this page to introduce what I do. (Feel free to nominate me for an Academy Award – or not.)

Find out how to invite me to your school and what I do when I get there!

Lucky me, I've taught all over the world! Perhaps I'll visit your school this year! Look for the person lugging a buffalo (small), log (large), candle, compass, quill pen, sunbonnet, and much, much more. In fact, I may need your help in bringing it all in.

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Corona virus wipe-out!

Here’s what they’re saying in Glendale! –"I love to watch the older children as they listen to you. They are just mesmerized by what you are saying and doing.” Karen Saunders (Glendale Assistance League) at John Marshall Elementary, Glendale CA.


How to invite me to your school/library/town hall…

  • Review the “what I do” section
  • Decide how many presentations you need
  • Be assured – I can work within your budget
  • Email me at

What I do, tailored to suit your needs.

  • speak to grades two through twelve, each presentation 45-60 minutes depending upon the grade level
  • give a lively multicultural presentation using props which include a log, a quill pen, a pair of boots, a sunbonnet, and a buffalo (okay, it's a toy buffalo)
  • take your students back to the time of the American Revolution, the Civil War and slavery, the Native American past, and the Jim Crow era through the lives of boys and girls, men and women, who were there
  • show how the brave, determined people in my books made a difference to America; what they did, and why, where, and when (see above eras)
  • show students how an author/detective gets the facts and what she does with them.
  • help your students learn that, yes, even a real author has to write it again (and again), as they see the process from idea and first notes through galleys and proofs to completed book
  • provide a continuous on-going slide presentation to fully illustrate my presentation; slides change as I talk.
  • teacher handouts provided, with puzzles and follow-up activities.

What I need

  • A screen for my keynote (powerpoint) presentation
  • A cart for my laptop and projector (have my own projector)
  • A long table for my props, such as manuscript pages with editor's marks;
  • primary research examples; gas mask from Leningrad; books; buffalo and polar bear and more
  • A mike if more than 60 in audience
  • Caffeine

Monte Vista Elementary, La Crescenta, CA

Audience at Monte Vista Elementary

Great audience at Monte Vista Elementary

School Visit to Mountain Avenue Elementary,
La Crescenta, CA, sponsored by 
the Glendale Assistance League

Mountain Avenue Elementary School

School Visit to Jefferson Elementary in Glendale,sponsored by
the Glendale Assistance League

Students at Jefferson Elementary

Showing 1941 child's gas mask
from the Siege of Leningrad, USSR

Information on my presentations

I look forward to working with you to ensure that my author visit is absolutely what your students need at this moment in the school year, and/or to meet the needs of your community group.

I use many props for audience perusal before and after, and have an exciting Keynote (powerpoint) presentation that shows everything I'm talking about and more (much more)!

I will be pleased to autograph and send you three books of your choice, in paperback, in advance of my visit. Let me know what you'd like. Also, of course, it is best to have your students read as many of my twelve biographies as possible in advance. (I know you know that!)

For conferences: I discuss and teach how to use biographies in the classroom; how to research and write a biography; the need for primary sources in NF and how to find them; how a teacher can ensure that the biographies she selects for her students are absolutely accurate. Depending on the topic, I use props which include sample books to discuss; props used in school visits; galleys, etc., from the making of a book; working with the editor and illustrator; slides to elaborate on my points; detailed bibliographies; worksheets.


See Awards & Raves for teachers' ecstatic comments.


$300 for one presentation
$550 for two (same day)
$750 for three (same day)

Please contact me to discuss how I can create a presentation just for you and your budget. Never fear, I CAN work within your budget.



Presentation on stage

Red Bluff, CA, has a beautifully remodeled State Theatre which holds at least 750 people. The students and teachers who filled the theatre several times were absolutely marvelous. Here’s me on the huge stage.

Jeri Chase Ferris

I spoke to the Lincoln/Roseville AAUW, Lincoln, CA – they loved the jacket (and the talk)!


Two Students

Kaleb Tandy and Elizabeth Bline, from Lincoln Community Christian School, studied a sundial after reading WHAT ARE YOU FIGURING NOW?, the story of Benjamin Banneker.

They said it's accurate!

What did YOU learn from Benjamin's story? Write and tell me.

Students at Jefferson Elementary

Jefferson students looking at gas mask and 1891 ship's log (primary sources!)

Jeri Chase Ferris with young reader

Gage, in Red Bluff, CA, especially wanted ARCTIC EXPLORER after my author visit.

Glenwood Elementary

Glenwood Elementary, Sacramento


Three students

Three more students from Lincoln CCS want to show off what they've learned. They are: Donovann Smit and Ethan Guadarramma in front, Levi Hobbs in back. Thanks to all the parents for permission to highlight their children.

One boy wrote me that he now considers Benjamin Banneker someone he would know as a friend. How about you?

School presentation

"I, too, can make a difference!" is what your students will realize as they learn about twelve exceptional people who did just that – made a difference – and the times in which they lived.

Jefferson Elementary, Glendale, CA

Jefferson Elementary, Glendale, CA

Monte Vista Elementary, La Crescenta, CA

Monte Vista Elementary,
La Crescenta, CA

  Plaque outside Moscow school

Plaque outside Moscow school where I spoke. Schools in the Soviet Union
were numbered, not named.

Ministry of Education
Middle School
Sebastopol District

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