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  • The Association of Children's Librarians of Northern California has given NOAH its 2012 Distinguished Book Award for "outstanding literary merit, high quality of illustration and design, and contribution to a child's understanding of the world."

  • The 2013 Eureka! Award (silver honor book) for Excellence in Nonfiction, given to NOAH WEBSTER & HIS WORDS by the California Reading Association

  • The California Reading Association has honored me with the 2013 Schulz Literary Award for "outstanding contributions in promoting social justice through books."

  • 2013 Golden Kite Award for "best non-fiction book of 2012," presented by the Society of Children's Book Writers & Illustrators

  • 2000 Susan B. Anthony Award for "exceptional literary contributions to women's history," Hollywood Business & Professional Women

  • 1995 Author-Illustrator Human and Civil Rights Award presented by the National Education Association

  • SCCLCYP Award for "significant contribution to the field of biography"

  • CBC, NCSS Notable Children's Trade Book in the Field of Social Studies

  • Kirkus Reviews Best of the Issue

  • Carter G. Woodson Award Winner, "most distinguished book written for young readers depicting ethnic diversity in the United States" (won three times + one honor book)

  • Public Library Association Top Titles for Adult New Readers

  • New York Public Library Book for the Teen Age

  • CBC Outstanding Science Trade Book for Children

  • Society of School Librarians International Outstanding Elementary Science Book

  • Sequoyah Children's Book Award Masterlist

  • Included in "Guide to Great Books for Children and Teens"

  • Best Children's Book, from CBC at Bank Street College.

  • Selected for the California Readers Collection

  • A Junior Library Guild Selection

This letter just came from a fifth grade teacher in St. Louis:  "My class recently completed a unit on nonfiction, and I used your book Arctic Explorer:  The Story of Matthew Henson to introduce a small group of my readers to narrative nonfiction.  Your book tells an amazing narrative, and I was just as engaged in this story as my students.  As we begin the shift to the Common Core, I really appreciate your writing such a quality text for children.  Your book is one that I will continue to use year after year."                                                                                                                                                                                                                        
"Thank you for capturing the attention, imagination, and heart of my students!" - Teacher, California 

"I can't begin to state how much I enjoyed your presentation. Our students were spellbound." - Teacher, California 

"This was the best author¹s presentation I¹ve ever attended. Please come back again!" - Teacher, California 

"Great story-telling manner. Perfect." - Teacher, Oregon 

"That was a masterful performance! You had us all in the palm of your hand." - Senior Librarian (retired), UCLA Research Library,

"(What Are You Figuring Now?) is one of my favorite books ever. I like it because you describe Benjamin as a person I would know
as a friend." Student, New York 

"Your books are good for children because they tell us true facts and not false facts like some books do." - Student, Ohio 

"I learned many things but most of all I learned about the lives of people who have been left out of history." - Student, California 

"I learned that it takes more than one day to make a book." Student, Oregon

"I learned a lot. I never knew about the lady that went from a slave to a black woman with property. I never knew about the man
that stood on the top of the world. I never knew that Thomas Jefferson owned slaves. I learned a lot!" - Student, California

"Your presentation was really great. It got me out of 3rd period." From a 6th grader (of course), California


I am proud of the honors my books and I have won, and know these awards are for not only the books, but for the people who are the heroes of my stories.They are heroes for all of us!

Jeri Chase Ferris receiving an award

Here I am receiving the Human and Civil Rights Award  for my books from the National Education Association, back in 1995.

The California Reading Association presents the Armin R. Schultz Literacy Award to Jeri Chase Ferris for outstanding recognition of promoting social justice in 2013

The California Reading Association has honored me with the 2013 Schulz Literary Award for "outstanding contributions in promoting social justice through books."

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