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When I was a kid I lived on the Nebraska prairie. I had three little brothers and a beautiful horse named Cleo. Cleo was a pure black Arabian with a white star in the middle of her forehead. My horse and I spent a lot of time together, escaping from my brothers. She didn't say much, of course, but she could run like the wind.

Now I live on a prairie (sort of) in Northern California, I still ride a beautiful horse, though now it’s a red horse, and I still have three little brothers, though now they're all bigger than I am.

In between Nebraska-time and Northern California-time, I married one husband, had two boys, and went to three colleges. I earned a master’s degree in history and education and landed the best job in the world – being a teacher.

Jeri Chase Ferris as a child.

We lived in West Los Angeles for almost 40 years. My husband taught at Beverly Hills High School. I taught grades 1-4 in Los Angeles and loved every single year – well, maybe not the first year, when I was still figuring things out. Our boys loved the usual kid things: soccer, water polo, trumpet, guitar, and piano lessons – well, maybe not the piano lessons.

Anyway, back to being a kid in Nebraska.
            Since I had a horse, I decided to be a jockey and ride real race horses. That didn't work out.
            Since I loved being in the library with all those books, I decided to be a librarian. That didn't work out either.
            Since I snooped around a lot, I decided to be an archaeologist. That DID work out, but not the way I expected.

I'm a nonfiction writer, which means I dig up the truth. It's not exactly like digging up old bones and pieces of pottery, but it's close. I travel all over the world, snoop around like a detective, find old newspapers and photographs, read old letters and diaries, dig up the facts. Then I put those facts in the biographies I write.

Jeri Chase Ferris and her horse

Fun Facts About Me

1. When I was a kid, I milked cows by hand at my grandfather's dairy farm.

2. When I was demonstrating how well I ride at a big horse show, I fell off my horse and broke my arm.

3. I put my husband through school with my shorthand (what's that?!) and typing skills.

4. My favorite Olympic event is dressage (no, not dressing).

5. My horse, Pamyat, is a warmblood (what's that?); my dog, Nasha, is a Scottie; and my car, Eleanor, is a Prius.

Jeri Chase Ferris & Scottie dog


Spider Web

Look what Charlotte made in my back garden! Wish I could bring this gorgeous web with me on school visits, but Charlotte wants it to stay right there.



Authors get to meet the most fascinating people! I met the great-great-great-grandson of Noah Webster.

I met the family of the first Native American woman doctor, and a leader of her tribe wrote the foreword for NATIVE AMERICAN DOCTOR.

I met the great-great-great-granddaughter of Biddy Mason, and she wrote the foreword for WITH OPEN HANDS.

I've met many more famous people and now I want to meet YOU!


Favorite Things

Besides my family and friends and books and church and … my favorite things are

My Scottie(s)
My horse(s)

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